We are accepting reservations for the Statewide November 2014 General Election, and the following Slate Cards are now available:

California Democratic Voter Guide
California Judicial Voter Guide
California Education Voter Guide

Produced by BGK, the California Democratic Voter Guide is leading statewide electronic Voter Guide for California. Slate cards are the most cost effective method for you to get your name out.

More households are voting by mail and voting early, reservations have already started. Our Vote by Mail Program is the key to success for all Candidates and ballot measures, along with our slate card.

If you would like for us to extend you a courtesy hold on our slate card and conduct an area count for your election or re-election, please send us an email by clicking here. We will send out an invoice that will be due after filing closes.

The California Democratic Voter Guide will be sent to high Propensity Democratic & DTS voters, along with our Vote by Mail Program.

The California Democratic Voter Guide focuses on Congressional, State, Local and Judicial offices, and Ballot Measures in the State of California.

Space is limited so please call 951-287-3872 for your area count and to reserve a spot on our Slate Mailer or please send us an email by clicking here.

Thank you,
Basil Kimbrew
The Political Chief