Basil Kimbrew

Basil Kimbrew
California Friends of the African American Caucus, Chair
Democratic Political Consultant
National Second Chance Group
California Democratic Voter Guide
The Political Chef

The California Democratic Voter Guide is a non-partisan publication is dedicated to the political education and empowerment of the people of California through the identification of men, women, elected officials, future candidates, and organizations that support California working men and women by enacting progressive legislation, policies, platforms, and/or programs.

The California Democratic Voter Guide is produced annually by BGK Consulting Firm, which is headed by Basil Kimbrew, aka the Political Chef, and is now being prepared for the 2014 election.

BGK Consulting Firm has a reputation for delivering winning campaign results for elected officials, candidates, and labor unions. The company has provided consistent value to its clients through campaign consulting, political contacts, direct mail, coalition building, grass roots mobilization, and campaign printing needs.The California Democratic Voter Guide is a statewide Slate Card for California.  Slate cards are the most cost effective method for you to get your name out.

  • The California Democratic Voter Guide will be sent to high propensity democratic voters.
  • The California Democratic Voter Guide focuses on Congressional, State, Local Offices, Ballot Measures and Judicial Offices in the State of California.
  • The California Democratic Voter Guide will include all participant’s photos and a link to your website.

Space is limited so please call 951-287-3872 or use our contact form here on this site for your area count and to reserve a spot on our slate mailer.

Thank you,

Basil Kimbrew